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IT Industry Business Services

IT Industry Business Services In Ashburn

At Vikas Garg, CPA Certified Public Acountant, we understand the growth opportunities available to information technologies businesses in the modern day. Our Ashburn firm is committed to ensuring that IT businesses are able to maintain multistate compliance, as well as achieving and retaining 8(a) certification for lucrative government contracting. 

Multistate Compliance Services

One of the many strengths of IT businesses is their ability to operate in multiple states. While operating in multiple states simultaneously, many information technology company owners find themselves subject to multiple local and state compliance standards at once. At Vikas Garg, CPA Certified Public Acountant, we specialize in helping businesses achieve and retain compliance in whatever states you operate. 

With our firm’s individualized attention to your business, and our Ashburn accounting professionals’ with multistate compliance, we will help you to avoid fines from not conforming to SALT (State and Local Tax).  

Obtaining Federal Contracts

The Small Business Association’s 8(a) Business Development Program was created to ensure that disadvantaged small businesses are able to succeed and compete for profitable federal contracts. Our Ashburn firm helps new and struggling businesses prepare strong applications for potentially lucrative 8(a) certification, ultimately opening your business to new revenue sources and allowing you to succeed in a competitive market.

While private contracts and IT services are a profitable market, federal contracting provides your business with lucrative contracts and credibility that are essential in ensuring the sustainable growth of your company. At Vikas Garg, CPA Certified Public Acountant, our 8(a) certified consultants begin the certification process by performing an independent audit to evaluate your eligibility for the program. 

Once it is determined that your business is a candidate, our experienced consultants work with you to ensure that your business demonstrates the principles of good character and potential for success that the SBA looks for in 8(a) certified businesses. 

Our services don’t stop at helping you achieve 8(a) certification either. We also help to ensure that you are able to utilize the Business Development Program to its utmost potential, providing you with continued support towards your company’s success, and helping you to continue competing for 8(a) contracts.

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At Vikas Garg, CPA Certified Public Acountant, we are dedicated to helping businesses in the IT industry succeed and maintain multistate compliance standards. Contact our Ashburn firm today to learn more about achieving lasting growth.

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